TheColorAPIcolor conversion, naming, scheming & placeholders

Your fast, modern, swiss army knife for color.

Pass in any valid color and get conversion into any other format, the name of the color, placeholder images and a multitude of schemes.

There are only two endpoints you need to worry about, /id and /scheme, and you can read the docs about both. Each endpoint is available in JSON[P], HTML & SVG format. The SVG format can be saved or used as an img[src] attribute for super-easy embedding/sharing!

Try Josh's favorite, for example, in JSON, HTML or SVG format.


How do I convert/identify a color?

All you really need to do is access the /id endpoint, and pass in a color value as a query string. Read the docs for more details, but all these are valid:

  • /id?hex=ffa or /id?hex=00ffa6
  • /id?rgb=rgb(255,0,0) or /id?rgb=20,43,55
  • Same goes for cmyk, hsl, and hsv formats

Every color object returned by the API

  • Is named (from a matched dataset of over 2000 names+colors)
    e.g. #24B1E0 == Cerulean
  • Has an image URL for demonstration
    e.g. Cerulean image
  • Is transposed into hex, rgb, cmyk, hsl, hsv and XYZ formats
  • Is matched to a best-contrast color for text overlay, etc


How do I generate color schemes?

The parameters are generally the same as those necessary for the /id endpoint (supply a color, like above), but here you can also specify a scheme mode to guide the generation.

Scheme modes include monochrome, monochrome-dark, monochrome-light, analogic, complement, analogic-complement, triad and quad.

Every scheme object returned by the API is seeded by the color of your request and can be any length you specify (within limits). It will also include a color object for each constituent color.


Anything else?

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